Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hi everyone!
We are continuing our blog for Year 8 but it will be on the main Red Maids' site. Please follow this link on the right hand side of the page then click on the 'Senior' tab. All our blogs can be found there.
See you soon!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hello everyone!

Well this is my last blog ever as a Year 7! It's been an amazing year, full of adventures and excitement. When I look back, the best thing was meeting all these new people and also, I guess, learning new things at school. I can't believe I'm going to be in Year 8 soon. We all agreed the other day that this year has gone so fast.

We had a games afternoon with QEH last week which was really fun. We played this game called shepherds and sheep. The boys were blindfolded and we had to lead them into the pen just by talking to them and instructing them where to go. It was really interactive and taught us to work together as a team. It all went really smoothly. When we finished the games we all went into the dining room and we were supposed to ask each other set questions but everyone just chatted really which was much more sociable.

We still don't know who our tutor is next year but we know Miss Hannah is our new head of year. We are going to find out our tutor this week. I felt a bit sad having to take home all my bags and books and clear out our lockers. I found a few Christmas cards when I was clearing up and an overdue book. The best bit was finding some chocolate buttons I had forgotten about so I had them for my break! They weren't too old!

Well I hope to carry on next year so keep reading for the exciting adventures of a Year 8!

Have a great summer!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hi there!
Three weeks to go till the end of term! I cannot believe I am nearly at the end of being a Year 7. It's been a really busy year and it feels like centuries ago that I was in primary school. This year has gone really fast though because we have done so much.

Looking back my favourite things have been meeting lots of new people and learning loads of new stuff. In science for example, we have done Chemistry, Biology and Physics instead of just Science. We have done quite a few practicals which I had never done before I came here. We have been making gargoyles in Art and this has been really fun. We had to look on the internet for images of gargoyles and bring them in to give ourselves inspiration. They did remind me of Doctor Who's Stone Angels though which is really scary...

Next week we are going to see 'A Misummer Nights' Festival' at QEH which is a Sheakespeare play given a Glastonbury twist. I still have to finish my history prioject on Brunel so I might do some extra work on it tonight.

My puppy is doing really well and growing fast but he has been a bit snappy in the last few days. I think I will need to take him out for some giant walks in the holidays.

See you soon.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hi there!

Sorry its been so long but when I tell you what's happened you'll see why.

Well, the first week was exam week. There was so much revising to do that it was quite boring at times. The actual exams were much better because you didn't have to bring in your books, you just sat there and scribbled all day. The teachers were really sympathetic and kept repeating things like "Remember to read all the questions" and "Always check how many marks each question is worth" and "Your best will be good enough"! All around Year 7's area there were posters saying good luck and Mrs Gupta sent each class a card!

Getting the results was really nerve-racking. I was shaking when I got my French because I really wanted to do well in it. I was pleased with most of them in the end. Maths didn't go very well but I had trouble with the first section.

Half term was a big relief and was very relaxing. I saw a brilliant film called "The King's Speech". It was great seeing the main guy conquer his fears. When he couldn't get his words out you felt really sorry for him. I think it was the highlight. My brother had to revise all over half term but I could just slow down and have a fun time - and there is lots to look forward to now. There is a disco next week with QEH and then the week after we have "Team-building" for a whole afternoon which is basically lots of games outside.

We made these really cool things in ICT with Mrs Bramley-Dymond called "Dingbats". Its a bit hard to explain but its a picture you see AND read at the same time. If you've seen 'Cathphrase' on TV its a bit like that. Here's an example...

0...2,3,4 is the image you see and the answer is 'no-one.


See you soon!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hi there!

I'm really sorry, I don't have time to write anything this week - I'm too busy revising for my exams!

They will all be over by half term so when we come back in June I will be able to tell you all about my week off!

See you then.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Hi everyone!

It's getting nearer ... exam time I mean. I started my revision on Saturday and I am experimenting with different techniques to see what works best and have found 'my preferred learning style' as Mrs Gupta would say. I make up a story about the sentence I am trying to learn so, for instance, I made one up about longitude and latitude and its proving quite helpful. I am looking forward to English because we are going to write a few paragraphs based on a range of subjects because it is a 'skills based' subject.

I can see the sixth form doing their exams in the Lecture Theatre now. They are sitting there in complete silence scribbling away. We have to walk past quietly so that we don't disturb them. I can recognise some of the House Captains but they are not laughing and smiling the way they do when we do House Netball! Apparently they are doing the International Baccalaureate which is like A levels but not.

At the weekend I will be doing revision but I am also going to see my Auntie's new baby. She is only a few weeks old so I am going to take a little rabbit toy. We left it on the kitchen chair yesterday and my dog got hold of it and took it outside so my mum has had to wash it. Luckily he didn't do too much damage.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hi there,

Well did you see it? The Royal Wedding of course! I woke up at half past seven and even though I was packing as well because we were going to Wales, I managed to see most of it. The tense build up was really amazing. I made sure I was sitting nearest the TV and my mum brought in croissants, fruit and tea and the folks had a fizzy drink thing which was quite nice. My dog really needed the toilet at a crucial moment so my dad took him out because he wasn't really bothered about the whole thing, but my mum and I were glued to the TV from the first moment the guests were arriving.

The first highlight of the day for me was when 'Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge' got out of the car. I absolutely loved her dress. It was 'stylish trad' and she was trending the lace on her arms! When she walked down the aisle, Harry (what a sauce boss!) turned round to look at her. William kept his cool the whole way through, even when the ring got a bit stuck on Kate's knuckle.

The Queen stole the show. She looked like a custard cream - a posh one of course! When she got out of the car she got out of the wrong side, even though the footman opened the other door. Pippa Middleton looked really beautiful - she had a lovely cowl thing and it made her look so pretty! Her brother looked really classy and although I didn't understand what he was reading out it sounded great.

The best of all, though, was the balcony kiss! It was a bit planned the first time but William looked more enthusiastic the second time. By the time we were watching this my mum was crying, my dog was snoring and my brothers were making lots of jokes about it.

Oh and one more thing...I have just seen on the internet that the nun sitting next to Kate and Wills was wearing black Nikes. How weird is that?